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About Us

Our history began in 1979 in Charleston, SC with the opening of Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse. The family-owned restaurant provides a fun and enjoyable dining experience with hibachi style grills and a full service sushi bar.

Staff outisde of restaurant posing for group photo

In 1998, we opened our first Kyoto Express as a franchise business to serve our customers "on-the-go". As the restaurant quickly grew in the southeast, our management team upgraded the business and changed the name to Miyabi Junior Express in 2010. At this time, we made a commitment to upgrade all aspects of the restaurant business. Our investments and upgrades include:

  • Re-modeled all of the restaurants with a down draft hibachi grill to provide cleaner air circulation
  • Ordered better ingredients and food quality to provide better quality taste
  • Changed from the franchise business model to having all restaurants partly owned by Miyabi restaurant employees and investors

Since 2011, there are nine Miyabi Express fast food restaurants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Colorado and will continue to grow.